Indie Designers

Indie Designers

My name is Joanne. I design knitwear.

Amazed by structures, fine details, nature and the play of light I am inspired to transform the impermanence of what I take in into knitting and often photography, also drawings and sometimes sewing and jewellery.

I use natural wool for my knitting designs and love knowing about the wool's provenance.

I live in a wooden house right at the edge of a pine tree forest together with my lovely husband and a magical daughter. Our house is filled with natural materials. My husband and I are very ecologically oriented.

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My name is Melody and I'm the creative soul behind Mandarine's. 

I'm a twenty-something French lady, passionate about natural fibres and nature. When I'm not knitting, you can find me in the woods, picking up flowers for pressing, mushrooms for cooking, and finding inspiration for my designs.

I started knitting a couple of years ago right before moving to China for my studies. When I came back to France, my new hobby quickly reached the point where it became an obsession. When I very first started, I didn't know anything about fibre, and how important it was to work with good tools and materials. After a few years of practice, I became a proud yarn 'snob', using natural yarns exclusively, with a preference for naturally dyed yarns with high sheepy content.

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I am a freelance author and designer and regular contributor to Knitting, Making and Let's Knit magazines. 

My books include 'I Love Crochet' (co-written with Rachel Henderson), 'Exploring Colour in Knitting' with Emma King, my first stitch directory, '200 Crochet Stitches', '150 Favourite Crochet Blocks' and 'Hello Crochet'. was launched last year and is about providing a new platform for my work. On the blog I talk to you about my inspiration as well as yarn and stitch choices.

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I am an obsessive knitter, British wool lover and fledgling designer. 

I try to design patterns which are easy to knit but which include techniques to challenge the knitter a little. I am lucky enough to live in the Shropshire Hills, a beautiful area of England, and the landscape provides constant inspiration. 

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Dana knits…and knits…and knits…even a small bit every day!    

I love natural fibers and colors, and patterns with enough challenges to keep me interested. I am a former yarn store owner, but discovered along the way I really do enjoy knitting much more than running a store. I have reworked patterns for years, but am new to designing for others.

My husband and I live in Tennessee, USA, in a home our dog and cats allow us to share, and we have one son away at art college. 

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