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Pure wool from the Isle of Purbeck

'From farm to needles with authenticity and our own unique story'

Isle Yarns produce and supply knitting & crochet wool direct from our family farm in Dorset, in small batches and in a palette of colours to reflect the stunning Purbeck landscape.

Our wool is available to buy from Born to Knit in Salisbury, The Slipped Stitch in Sherborne, Fudges in Dorchester and Wild and Woolly in London. 

American and Canadian customers can buy our single farm yarn from The Woolly Thistle and Tolt Yarn and Wool.

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A day in the life of Isle Yarns

The fleeces are taken to a local mill to be washed, spun and dyed using mineral dyes approved by the organic soil association. The yarns  worsted spun, where all the fibres are carded to align, giving a smoother, soft feeling yarn which has a good drape.

What our customers say...

"The yarn lends itself beautifully to colour work and holds lace, cables and textures really well. There is something very theraputic about working with this yarn, knowing that every stitch is helping to sustain the survival of an exceptional breed"

"So springy and a pure joy to hold in my hands"

"This yarn has a lot of energy! I am quite smitten with this Isle Yarns Wool from the Isle of Purbeck"